Movetec offers danish produced stable height adjustable aluminium lifting columns with a lifting capacity up to 1.000 kg(10.000N) and lifting column systems up to 4.000 kg (40.000N), as well as actuators/servos.

The lifting columns are made of aluminum and available as 2-part or 3-part versions. The lifting columns can be synchronously connected so that up to 32 lifting columns can be controlled simultaneously.

Movetec offers a comprehensive standard program of lifting columns, control panels and control boxes – as well as tailor-made solutions. Lifting columns and actuators are available as complete Plug & Play sets – ready for use.

Movetec offers lifting columns and actuators for all industries!


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We have moved to new and larger premises

We are thrilled to share with you the exciting news that we have moved to a new and stunning premises in Søndersø, Denmark. This marks a significant milestone for us, and we couldn’t be more delighted about the positive changes this move will bring. The new space not only offers a beautiful setting but also … Continued


With Movetec’s new 3D configurator, you can design and configure your new FlexTable Frame yourself. When you enter STYLE, TYPE, FORCE and STROKE LENGTH, etc., you will be shown precisely the FlexTable Frame you need. This gives you the opportunity to choose whether DESIGN or FUNCTION (force: Up to 24000N/2400kg) is most important for your … Continued


NEWS: With Movetec’s new 3D configurator, you can design and configure your new lifting column yourself. When you enter NEWTON, TYPE and STROKE LENGTH, etc., you will be shown precisely the lifting column you need. This gives you the opportunity to choose whether DESIGN or FUNCTION is more important for your application. If you have … Continued

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MELCNC Aps – Middelfart, Denmark

‘’We’ve been a Movetec client for a year. From the very beginning we could clearly see and feel the company’s many years of experience. It was important for us to find a supplier who was able to meet our specific product demands, while also delivering at the agreed time and at the right price point. We have been very pleased with our cooperation with Movetec. From the start, we have been in continuous dialogue with Michael who, in case of a problem, immediately found a solution. Movetec is a company that thinks outside of the box. They test, adjust and adapt so that the end product is flawless. There’s no doubt that we will continue our collaboration with Movetec.’’

Maja Eskildsen, CEO and Design Engineer

IVFtech – Stenløse, Denmark

“Over the last eight years, Movetec has delivered great service and made deliveries very easy for us. If there’s a problem, you can always get hold of someone at Movetec. That’s important. Once Michael himself took the trouble to jump in the van and drive out here to resolve a difficulty right away – which was really great.”

Kjeld Nielsen, CEO and founder

JH Montage - Odense

We’ve been a Movetec client for more than a decade. They never once put a foot wrong. Outstanding quality, delivery and prices. Michael upgrades and improves his products all the time, which is beneficial for both parties. It means that our customers are happy – and when they’re happy, we’re happy.

Jan Hansen, Owner

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Lifting columns – for reliable height adjustment

Danish MOVETEC offers very versatile lifting columns. You will have seen them at work in height-adjustable desks in offices. Essentially a telescopic device, a lifting column is a high-tech electrical “arm” that, when connected to an electric motor, can raise and lower or pull and push to the side.

MOVETEC has developed a broad range of high-quality aluminium lifting column solutions. We deliver lifting columns individually, in pairs and in systems comprising up to 12 lifting columns, which can adjust e.g. a complete conveyor belt or packing station.

Lifting columns help to make workplaces ergonomically better. Lifting columns are used not only in office environments. They are also widely applied in industry, at laboratories and in the healthcare sector, where they help to relieve the strain of heavy lifting and give users an opportunity to adjust their workplace to fit. Lifting columns can also be used to raise sofas and tables at care homes, in hospitals and even in private households.

In-House Development

MOVETEC develops lifting columns in-house. We have recently launched a new type of column comprised of three elements (there are usually two). The new column facilitates a shorter minimum stroke length in combination with a longer maximum stroke length. Our systems are adapted, assembled and tested at our workshops in Middelfart (Denmark) and then shipped to dealers and end users across the globe. Lifting columns are often component parts of the base or skeleton of workstations and larger workspace solutions.

To offer as broad a range of lifting columns as possible, MOVETEC produces square, rectangular/flat and round designs. MOVETEC profiles are also produced in Denmark.

Many operating options

MOVETEC lifting columns can be controlled using the up and down buttons that most of us recognise from our office desks, but we also supply more advanced solutions that can be programmed to operate with multiple pre-set heights. Customers can also choose a wireless Bluetooth control unit that communicates with another wireless device or via a Smartphone.

Lifting columns are very widely used in industry, automation, energy/utilities, agriculture, ventilation, solar energy, logistics/conveyors, industrial kitchens, the medical industry, hospitals and care sector, marine applications, vehicles/trailers and agricultural machinery. In fact, they are applied everywhere you need to raise, lower, push or pull.

MOVETEC can supply lifting columns with max. load of up to (1,000 kg) 10,000 N. If you require max. load in excess of 10,000 N, we can connect and synchronise multiple lifting columns, i.e. up to 12 lifting columns is our standard offer!