Bedienelement MCP-001

Bedienungseinheit, UP/DOWN oder OUT/IN
für die Compact-Steuerungsserie
Bedienelement MCP-001
3D Datei

Mini handswitch up/down. Cable Handswitch for installation below the desktop. Design is important! But often decisions are based on price. That is why MOVETEC is investing a great deal of energy in the development of well-designed but inexpensive mass-produced items. The new mini handswitch will prove its worth as one of these. Its low price and new modern design make it the first choice for basic applications. It is ideally accessible from many sides and is extremely well suited to the demands of everyday life.



  • Competitive price
  • Very compact
  • Ergonomic design
  • Perfect button feel


Download Bedienungseinheit MCP-001 .STP file Download

MCP-001 Anschluss/Verbindung

MCP-001 Anschluss/Verbindung