Accu Control Box MCB-LCB3

For 3 Lifting Columns or Actuators
Accu Control Box with/without Remote Control
Accu Control Box MCB-LCB3
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Controlled via remote control, Smartphone, PC/Mac or cable connection. For 3 lifting columns or actuators.

In the MCB-LCB series, the power supply is replaced by an 86 Wh accu pack. MCB-LCB3 is slightly longer than the MCB-LC3. The mounting points are identical for all series. MCB-LCB3 is mounted, connected and configured in the same way as MCB-LC3 with power supply. The accu pack is inserted at the end where the mains plug is plugged in for the MCB-LC3. The capacity of the accu pack is generously dimensioned, as a rule operation over several months is possible. The accu pack can be changed easily. The accu pack can be charged inside or outside the controller. The external charging option ensures that there is always a charged battery pack in the controller. 4 LED´s on the battery pack indicate the current state of charge. Charging via a plug-in power supply unit. MCB-LCB3 is a control box specially designed for use with height-adjustable worktables/worksplaces – controlled via remote control, Smart-phone, PC/Mac or cable connection. It is also suitable and configured for all types of industrial and medical applications. The bus system supports easy configuration. You can synchronise up to 4 control boxes.

Plug & Play: MCB-LCB3 is a Plug & Play control box, supplied with all required cables. It can be supplied as part of a complete set, with your choice of remote control, tailor-made lifting columns/actuators, extra accus.



  • Casing, plugs, sockets, cable: Aluminium, PC, ABS, PVC, PP, PE.


Technical data:

  • Control box capacity, number of lifting columns/actuators: 3
  • Applications: Suitable for all Movetec lifting columns and actuators
  • Cascade/synchronous operation: Yes, up to 12 lifting columns/actuators
  • Synchronisation: Via modus
  • Bluetooth®: Radio standard BLE4.0 (option)
  • Accu Pack capacity: 86Wh
  • Input voltage, charger: 115 to 230V 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage: 24V, max. output: 380W
  • Output current: 19A, max. current per channel: 12A
  • Plugs and sockets for lifting columns and actuators: Molex 8-pole
  • Plugs and sockets for control panel devices: RJ12
  • Continuous operation up to: 100W total load
  • Hall sensor compatible: Yes
  • Standby power consumption: 250mW
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 303mm (Accu Pack incl.) x 62mm x 38.5mm
  • Memory positions: Yes, depending on the control panel device
  • Collision protection/anti-collision system, low-speed zone: Yes (option)
  • Operating temperature range: +5° to +45°C
  • IP protection class: IP20. Class I, output insulated low voltage
  • Optional safety zone, sensor connection, config.-/end-stop contact: Yes


Option: Additional functions (e.g. records position, go-to-position, etc., depending on control panel device version), Bluetooth®.


Download Control Box MCB-LCB3 Data Sheet as PDF Download
Download Activation-Manual "LC-AkkuPack-Activation-Charging-Instructions-ATTENTION-UK" as pdf Download


Download MCB-LCB3 as 3D .stp file (ZIP) Download
Download MCB-LCB BatteryPack as 3D .stp file (ZIP) Download