Actuator MLA17

Inline Linear Actuator
Up to 2000N
Actuator MLA17


Small installation dimensions, for industrial applications.

The Inline Linear Actuator, the MLA17 series from Movetec is developed for industrial applications with low weight loads and where a protection from dust and liquids (up to IP69K) is required. It is best suited for applications with visual or compact installation dimensions requirements. Hall sensors are optional. Suitable for constructions that require small installation dimensions.

Plug & Play: MLA17 is available as a plug & play solution, complete with one or more MLA17 actuators, a Movetec control box 230V AC, all cables and a control panel.

By selecting a control box with Bluetooth®, MLA17 are easily controlled by iPhone® or Android®-Smartphone.


Material specifications:

  • Outer profile: Anodized Aluminium
  • Spindle/Piston rod: Carbon Steel/Aluminum/Stainless Steel
  • Friction part: POM derivate
  • Other materials of the actuator: Aluminum, Steel, ABS, POM, PP
  • Actuator drive parts: Aluminium, Steel, ABS, POM, PP and others
  • Housing, Socket, Plug, Cable: PC, PVC and other plastics


Technical data:
  • Max. load: 2000 N (push and pull)
  • Max. speed without load: 23,5mm/s
  • Max. speed with load: 19mm/s (by 500 N/push and pull)
  • Stroke length:  20-500mm (special versions up to 1000mm possible)
  • Built-in measurement/Install. length: Stroke length+217-273mm
  • Size, outer profile/housing: 43mm x 43mm x length
  • Attachment front: Aluminium casting, no slot, or U-clevis
  • Attachment rear: Aluminium casting, U-clevis
  • Front- and rear attachment holes: Ø6,4mm, Ø8mm or Ø10mm
  • Power supply/Voltage: 24V DC/Option 12V DC
  • Intermittens: 10%
  • Double Hall-sensors: Yes, option
  • Operation temperature: -5°C – +65°C/By full load: +5°C – +45°C
  • IP Rating: Without protection, with IP54 to IP69K protection
  • Certificates: EN60601-1 conform., UL73
  • Color: Black or grey (Pantone 428C)
  • Control box: More options, see
  • Synchronized drive: Max.12x actuators in synchronized drive
  • Control panel: More options, see
Bluetooth® controlling for iPhone®- and Android® Smart-phones. Potentiometer. Hall-sensors.12V DC. Stroke length up to 1000mm. IP Rating: Up to IP69K protection.
Download Linear Inline Aluminium Actuator MLA17 Data Sheet as PDF Download