FlexTable Frame MFT21U-2

Strong, stable and flexible: 966>1666mm
Up to 7000N/700kg Stroke length 300/400mm
FlexTable Frame MFT21U-2

Strong, stable and flexible table frame. For industrial work tables and office tables.

MFT21U-2 is a completely newly developed flexible table frame. There are 16 different versions in this series with 2, 3 or 4 lifting columns as table legs (stroke length 300mm or 400mm) and a lifting force up to 2400kg/24000N for the table. Call and hear more on tel. +45 64 89 28 05.


Try our new FlexTable Configurator

With Movetec’s new 3D configurator, you can design and configure your new FlexTable Frame yourself. When you enter STYLE, TYPE, FORCE and STROKE LENGTH, etc., you will be shown precisely the FlexTable Frame you need. This gives you the opportunity to choose whether DESIGN or FUNCTION (force: Up to 24000N/2400kg) is most important for your application. Try the configurator and download a Data Sheet and drawing as a PDF, and download a step file of your design, which can be imported into your CAD program. Try the configurator here!