Actuator MLA23

Heavy-Duty Low-Noise Linear Actuator
Up to 10000N
Actuator MLA23


Low-Noise actuator for industrial/medical applications.

Movetecs low-noise MLA23 is designed for industrial and medical applications, and where a compact actuator is needed. MLA23 is available with IP54, IP66 or IP66W protection. The actuator is designed for loads of max.10000N (push). Speed up to 39mm/s without load (1000N). MLA23 has high stability and a reasonable price level. Suitable for patient hoist applications. Plug & Play!

Plug & Play: MLA23 is also available as a complete Plug & Play solution, including one or more MLA23 actuators, a Movetec control box 230V AC, all cables and a control panel.

By Selecting a control box with Bluetooth®, MLA23 are easily controlled by iPhone®- or Android®-Smartphone.


Material specifications:

  • Outer profile/housing: Anodized aluminium, plastics
  • Spindle/friction parts: Carbon steel/Stainless steel, POM derivate
  • Front and rear attachments, casting/U clevis: Aluminium/steel
  • Actuator drive parts: Aluminium, steel, ABS, POM, PP and others
  • Casing, sockets, plugs, cable: PC, PVC and other plastics


Technical data:
  • Max. load: 10000 N in push/4000N in pull
  • Noise: Low-Noise
  • Max. speed without load: 39mm/s (1000 N)
  • Stroke length:  50-450/600mm (special vers. up to 1000mm possible)
  • Installation length/Built-in measurement: Stroke length+min.163mm
  • Size: 162.2mm x 88.1mm x length
  • Attachment front: Aluminium casting, punched hole, no slot or U-clevis
  • Attachment rear: Aluminium casting, U-clevis
  • Front- and rear attachment holes: Ø10.2/12.2mm, Ø10.2/12.2mm
  • Operation temperature: +5°C – +45°C
  • Power supply/Voltage: 12/24V DC
  • IP Rating: Without protection, with IP54-, IP66- or IP66W-protection
  • Intermittens: 25%
  • Double Hall-sensors: Yes
  • Control box: More options, see
  • Synchronized drive: Max. 32x actuators in synchronized drive
  • Control panel: More options, see
  • Certificates: IEC60601-1, ES60601-1, IEC60601-1-2, EMC
Bluetooth® controlling for iPhone®- and Android® -Smart-phones. Potentiometer. IP54, IP66 or IP66W protection.12V DC. Stroke length up to 1000mm. 100% Brake/Safety Nut. Man. release.
Download Linear Actuator, Low-Noise MLA23 Data Sheet as PDF Download