Control Panel MCP-TDH6

Control panel with display and memory
for TC-control box series
Control Panel MCP-TDH6
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Control Panel with a display for height indication.

The MCP-TDH6 Control Panel with display and memory is the perfect choice for a wide range of tables, offices desks, work desks and work benches, where the height should be displayed. All keys have been particularly user-friendly designed, and offers a “click – feeling” by each key-press. This means that the user can feel the “click” and does not have to see the keys on the Control Panel when operating the table or lifting column-/actuator-system.

The MCP-TDH6 Control Panel has a display for reading the height in centimeters or inches. The display turns off automatic when it is not in use and saves power in stand-by mode. Display and buttons are back-light illuminated.

Another feature is that the panel can be used as a diagnostic tool because it can display error codes of the lifting column system or an actuator system.


Material specifications:

Control Panel: PC, ABS. Cabel: PVC.


Technical data:

  • Control Panel Size: 150mm x 42,8mm
  • Thickness: 10/16mm
  • Screw holes, size: Ø5mm
  • Screw holes, number of mounting holes: 2
  • Mounting: For front mounting
  • Light: Yes
  • Pushbuttons: 7 keys
  • Digits: 3
  • Color: Black
  • Memory Functions: 4
  • Sealing: The display control panel must be protected against
  • water and moisture.
  • Operating temperature: +5°C – +45°C
  • Cabel length: Standard 1500mm
  • Socket/Plug: RJ48


Options: Movetec offers the MCP-TDH6 Control Panel with Metric system (cm) or Imperial System (inch) measuring.


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