Lifting Column MAC210-00

2-part Aluminium Lifting Column
Up to 8000N
Lifting Column MAC210-00
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To build stable/reliable, ergonomic workplaces. Flexible.

MAC210-00 has been specially developed to build stable/reliable and ergonomic workstations. This lifting column is extremely flexible as it is very easy to change the actuator and thus change the lifting force in MAC210-00.

Plug & Play: MAC210-00 is available as a Plug & Play solution, with one or more MAC210-00 columns, a Movetec control box 230 VAC, all cables and a control panel.

Selecting a control box with Bluetooth®, the MAC210-00 can easily be controlled by an iPhone® or Android® Smartphone.


Material specifications:

  • Outer profile: Anodized Aluminum
  • Inner profile: Anodized Aluminum
  • Friction sliders: POM Derivat
  • Top plate: Steel
  • Bottom plate: Steel
  • Lifting drive parts/actuator: Aluminum, Steel, ABS, POM, PP


Technical data:

  • Max. load: 6000N (Optional 8000N)
  • Dynamic bending moment: 800Nm
  • Static bending moment: 1000Nm
  • Max. speed without load: 27,1mm/s (2000N)
  • Stroke length: 100-600mm as standard (special versions up to 700mm possible)
  • Installation length/Built-in measurement: Stroke length+172mm
  • Operating temperature: +5°C – +45°C
  • Power supply/Voltage: 12V/24V DC
  • Cable out: Cable out direct from the aktuator
  • Intermittens: 10%
  • Double Hall-sensors: Yes
  • Top plate size: 246mm x 68mm
  • Bottom plate size: 240mm x 47.5mm/70mm
  • Outer profile size: 210mm x 65/55mm
  • Mounting track: Width top 9mm/bottom 22mm/depth 11mm
  • Control box: More options, see
  • Synchronized drive: Max. 32x lifting columns in synchronized drive
  • Control panel: More options, see


Options: Bluetooth® Control for iPhone® and Android® Smartphones. Potentiometer. Stroke length up to 700mm. Small profile up. 8000N (Max. stroke length 300mm). 12V DC. 100% brake.


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