Lifting Column MAC4U

Up to 1750N
3-part Alumnium Lifting Column
3D files


Low built-in measurement, long stroke. For industrial/medical use.

MAC4U is a completely new developed lifting column, designed to meet the requirements of aesthetics and quality in industrial workplaces. Usable in many industrial/medical applications. In the development, high stability and a reasonable price level were emphasized. MAC4U is a Low-Noise lifting column. The lifting column is designed for loads of max. 1750N and can be moved up to 47mm/s without load. The bending moment is1000Nm.

Plug & Play: You can also get MAC4U as a complete Plug & Play solution, including one or more MAC4U lifting columns, a Movetec control box 230V AC, all cables and a control panel.

Option: By Selecting a control box with Bluetooth®, MAC4U are easily controlled by iPhone® or Android®-Smartphone.


Material specifications:

  • Outer profile: Anodized Aluminium
  • Middle profile: Anodized Aluminium
  • Inner profile: Anodized Aluminium
  • Friction sliders: POM Derivate
  • Top- and Bottom plate: Steel
  • Lifting system drive parts: Aluminium, Steel, ABS, POM, PP


Technical data:

  • Max. load: 1750N (depends on the stroke length)Max. speed without load: 47mm/sek (800 N) (depends on force)Stroke length: 200-800mm/special versions up to 1200mm (depends on force)Dyn./static bending moment: 800/1000 Nm (depends on the stroke length)

    Built-in measurement/length:1/2 stroke length+144mm/244-744/819mm

    Operation temperature: +5°C – +45°C

    Power supply/Voltage: 12/24V DC

    Cable out: Cable out in the outer profile

    Intermittens: 10-25%

    Double Hall-sensors: Yes

    Top plate size: 222mm x 79mm

    Bottom plate size: 173mm x 54mm

    Outer profile size: 222mm x 79mm

    Inner profile size: 173mm x 54mm

    Mounting track: Width top 8,1mm/inside 8,1-12mm/depth 5mm

    Control box: More options, see

    Synchronized drive: Max.32x/16x lifting columns in synchronized drive

    Control panel: More options, see

Options: Bluetooth® controlling for iPhone®- and Android® Smartphones. Potentiometer. 12V DC. Top- and bottom mounting plates. Cable out in the inner profile (see MAC4). Control box with Lithium-Ion battery pack. 100% brake. Small remote control.


Mounting plates:

Mounting plates for top and bottom are available for MAC4U. The mounting plates can be ordered as optional accessories, or the MAC4U lifting columns can be delivered with pre-mounted mounting plates. This increases the installation height on each side by 3 mm, since the mounting plate is thicker. Color:Blue RAL 5003, gloss 30.

Drawings of mounting plates can be downloaded in the download area below.



Download MAC4U Data Sheet Download
Download MAC4U Mounting Plate, Top Plate, as pdf Download
Download MAC4U Mounting Plate, Bottom Plate, as pdf Download


Download MAC4-800-1750E .stp file Download
Download MAC4-800-1750R .stp file Download