Trapez T-Nut MN3

For MAC/MACU Lifting Columns
Accessory for mounting of MAC/MACU
Trapez T-Nut MN3
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T-Nut for easy, safe and solid mounting of MAC/MACU

MN3 T-Nut for MAC/MACU Lifting Columns. The T-Nuts are designed for secure and reliable installation of MAC/MACU Lifting Columns in any application. The trapeziumshaped T-Nuts fit perfectly into the mounting tracks in MAC/MACU Lifting Columns.

MN3 T-Nuts are designed for mounting on the broad and narrow side of MAC/MACU Lifting Columns (on the broad side of MAC2/MAC2U use the MN1 Trapez T-Nut instead).

NB: If you decide to secure the lifting column via the MAC/ MACU mounting tracks, it is important to use MN1, MN2 or MN3 T-Nuts to achieve correct installation and strength. The number of MN3 T-Nuts you must use depends on the load that the mounting track/lifting column will be exposed to.


Material specifications:

  • Material: Hard Aluminium alloy
  • Surface Treatment: Nature, raw

Option: Stainless steel


Technical data:

  • Dimensions, base: 30mm x 11mm
  • Dimensions, top: 30mm x 7.9mm
  • Depth: 4,5mm
  • Fits: MAC and MAC U
  • Fits spline/mounting track, width: 8mm
  • Trapeze angle on sides: Round ø11mm
  • Max. load (T-Nut): 1000N (depends on load angle)
  • Uses: Attachment to broad and narrow sides of MAC/MAC U Lifting Columns (on the broad side of MAC2/ MAC2U use the MN1 Trapez T-Nut instead).
  • Screw hole: M6
  • Number of screw holes: 3
  • Number of MN3 T-Nuts per mounting track in MAC/MAC U Lifting Column: Determined by the load that the mounting track/lifting column will be exposed to
  • Max. torque when fitting in MAC/MAC U mounting tracks (with screws): 6.8 Nm


Option: Complete fitting kit with customer-specific contents can be supplied with MAC/MAC U Lifting Columns.

Download MN3 Trapez T-Nut for MAC/MACU Lifting Columns DataSheet Download
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